What’s in the April Lucky Dip Brownie Box? 

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There are so many exciting new things about the month of April; there’s potential for sun, a couple of bank holidays and, most importantly, the Easter Brownie box is here!

Easter is by far my favourite time of the year; we’re actively encouraged to eat loads of chocolate over a long weekend in the sun, (and you all know how much I love chocolate!) 

That’s why we’re saying  “NO” to the traditional easter egg this year. They’re plain, empty inside and don’t get me started on the unnecessary packaging. The team at Hetty’s have been busy baking a mountain of the fudgiest, chocolatiest, most indulgent easter brownies – to knock the shells off any empty chocolate egg.

Our Eggscellent Lucky Dip Box

mini egg brownies from brownie box

If you didn’t already know, each month we create five unique, limited-time flavours under a theme and pop them all into our (recyclable) Lucky Dip Brownie box

April’s theme is ‘The Egg-tastic Box’, and would make an ideal gift if you’re looking for something better than your traditional, (yawn,) chocolate easter eggs.  Instead of processed choc, our handmade brownies are heaven for all you sweet-toothed foodies out there. We bake in small batches with carefully sourced fair trade ingredients: Our organic flour comes from Shipton mill, and our organic butter comes from Netherend farm. Both are well loved, trusted, and local suppliers!

Remember how Easter used to feel when you were a kid, losing yourself in the thought of the heavenly chocolate goodies that awaited you? We want to keep Easter chocolate feeling like a treat with the gooey indulgence The Egg-tastic Brownie box offers.

This Months Flavours

All brownies from the brownie box.

So, down to the details, what are our April Lucky Dip Brownie box flavours?

🍫 Egg-tastic Rocky Road Brownie

Like rocky road… but better, as well as the delicious chocolate, cherry, biscuit & marshmallow dreamy rocky road combo, it’s got mini & micro eggs too! Topped with a layer of ganache and swirls of crème egg style fondant & pretty pastel sprinkles.

🥚 Mini Egg Cookie Dough Brownie

Hetty’s fave easter flavour but we’ve brought it back! Our signature cookie dough brownie/blondie/brookie style layers, studded with milk chocolate mini eggs.

🥣 Caramel Egg Cornflake Nest Brownie

We’ve taken the old school fave chocolate cornflakes you’d make with your Mum, but made it even more indulgent with a layer of caramel ganache sandwiched between the brownie layer and the chocolate cornflakes, then put 2 mini caramel eggs on top & some extra caramel chocolate drizzle for good measure.

🍋 Lemon, Raspberry & White Choc Blondie

A refreshing, fruity tangy twist to cut through this choc-tastic box! Lemon zested blondie, swirled with raspberry jam, topped with white choc buttons, more white chocolate drizzle & some cute and crunchy pastel sprinkles.

🐣 Crème Egg Brownie

Our classic fudgy brownie, studded with a melty baked half of a real crème egg. Very indulgent. Very Easter.

Our cornflake brownie is inspired by the well-loved nest cake, with chocolate cornflake, caramel ganache and brownie layers, and then caramel eggs on top. Our rocky road brownie will have creme egg fondant in the ganache, mini eggs inside, and micro eggs on top.

We’re making a creme egg brownie, (because we have to make a creme egg brownie at Easter!) and we’re going to bring back the mini egg and cookie dough brownie, (which we did a couple years ago and I loved.) The only thing that’s not chocolate is a lemon and raspberry Blondie, with spring-time yellow and pink colours and pretty spring sprinkles. (We find blondies help to cut through the chocolate as you’re working your way through the brownie box. Yum.)

Scotchies… We don’t yolk about!

Our scotch egg brownies are a  pretty big deal, literally, they’re the size of an actual proper farmhouse scotch egg, and have been so popular,  we’ve been busy preparing more for Easter.  

Scotchies are a limited edition, and extravagantly indulgent, so well worth splashing out for an Easter treat whilst they’re still in stock. https://hettyskitchen.com/product/scotchies/

In case you were wondering, the scotchie was born from my massive love of the cult classic scotch egg, and creme eggs are one of my favourite easter treat. So, the Scotch egg brownie is the chocolatey love child of both of those things.  

They also come highly recommended by @chareatingfood on instagram! “Perfect Sunday treat, I’m a sucker for a creme egg 😆 if you’re around @five_valleys definitely check Hetty’s out 😍👏🏼”



How To Order

We want Easter to be a time for treats, so we make the process of ordering your own Egg-tastic Brownie box super easy! To get your Brownies to you when you want them, you can select a specific order date you’d like them to be sent, or order them to be delivered to your door ASAP! 

Our brownies can be delivered to your door if you live anywhere in the UK, and we use RM Tracked24, so you can rest assured that your Easter Brownies will be delivered when you’re expecting them, and in good knick! Our delivery keeps the perfect treat perfect, and ensures your gifts will arrive on time for Easter! 

We make all of our brownies by hand and to order, this means your Easter mail order brownie gifts will have a great shelf life and stay fresh for at least a week after they arrive in the post. But let’s face it, we both know they won’t last long 😉.

Make sure you order The Egg-tastic Box in time for Easter! Order before midnight on 12th April and choose a dispatch date no later than the 14th, so you can enjoy your brownie box over the long Easter weekend. Or why not buy a lucky dip brownie box subscription, for a brownie supply that lasts for longer than Easter? Ahhh… Bliss!

We’re so excited about this month’s flavours.  My personal favourite, the mini egg and cookie dough brownie, is something  everyone needs in their life, but any brownie is better than those overly packaged easter eggs. These indulgent brownies make Easter a special treat again and I can’t wait to hear about how much you’re all enjoying them!

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