The Best Brownie Gifts for all Occasions

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When it comes to buying gifts for the people in your life, an awesome instagrammable food treat is almost always the way forward.

I’m biassed here, but the way to my heart is definitely through my stomach, (I have a separate cake stomach for this very reason). If you were to buy me anything with an above average chocolate content, you’d be my best friend for life.

And let’s face it, there are so many events and occasions we might have to buy gifts for these days. You’ve got birthdays, Mother’s/Father’s day, Valentine’s day, Easter, National cake day (yes it’s a thing!), weddings, baby showers, end of year teacher presents… and the list goes on.

But my point is, having to think of a new gift idea for every occasion is hard work. Which is why I thought it would be helpful to talk about why our selection of gifts are the most effort free, safe bet for almost every occasion, pleasing even the most awkward person to buy for!

Read on to discover the best brownie gifts that will leave you drooling and wishing you were the lucky recipient! 🤤

Our Brownie Boxes

Brownie Boxes

Our mixed boxes have to be one of our most popular options when it comes to THE BEST brownie gifts. There are oooodles of flavours to choose from and you can decide between a 5 or 10 slice box, depending on how big your recipient’s cake belly is and if they want to share!

Some of my loyal brownie lovers have their firm favourites and will always order the same every time, which I totally respect. So, if this is who you’re buying for, all you have to do is find out their flavour bestie and buy them a big ol’ box of it. A sure-fire way to put a smile on their face (in between mouthfuls of fudgy goodness, of course).

If you are buying for someone who’s never tried our brownies before and you’re unsure of what they like, your best bet is Hetty’s Originals Mixed Box. This box features our 5 all star best selling original flavours: classic fudge brownie, salted caramel, cookie dough, marbled cheesecake and chocolate orange brownies. A real crowd pleaser and a great intro to the world of always fudgy, never cakey brownie goodness 🤤.

Buying for a more adventurous foodie? Wow them with our Lucky Dip Mixed Box. This is something a little bit special, featuring new limited edition flavours that change every month. Our Lucky Dip boxes have a fun theme, sometimes seasonal, always fudging delicious.

What to Get for a Hetty’s Brownie super fan?

If you really want to bag some major brownie points, sign up your recipient to a monthly gift subscription box. The lucky recipient will never miss out on trying our special limited edition flavours, as they’ll receive our Lucky Dip Box every month for either 3, 6 or 12 months. Just when they think the celebrations have ended, BOOM! Another fresh box of brownies lands on their doorstep and the party in their mouth continues 🥳.

I hope that’s given you some sweet food for thought on your future gift buying missions.

5 reasons why our Brownies are the best BROWNIE gifts!

5 reasons why our Brownie Gifts are the best gifts

At this point, I’d expect you to be saying “take my money!!”. Just incase you need a little extra encouragement though, I’ve popped a little list together of all the things that make our brownies that extra bit special 👇.

  1. We only use the BEST locally sourced ingredients. We’re proud supporters of local independent producers such as Netherend farm and Shipton Mill flour. Our eggs are free range and our sugar is fair trade. When you buy from us, you’re not just supporting our small business, but a bevy of others too!
  2. Our brownies are baked fresh to order with love (our bakers really love brownies 😍). Our Brownie Wizards bake fresh and seasonally, by hand and in small batches so they stay gooey and fresh.
  3. There’s no compromise on flavour. We go ALL IN when we create new recipes. We’re generous on toppings & fillings and always go that extra mile. Like hand making our sticky caramels in-house with real butter and flakey sea salt. You won’t find any style over substance here, the tastier and messier the better!
  4. Each box comes beautifully wrapped. Our brownies come in a 100% recyclable cardboard box wrapped in a Hetty’s Kitchen bespoke paper sleeve.
  5. They make beautiful gifts. You can also add a specially designed gift card to your order.

Bonus reason why we have the best brownie gifts: If you’re very lucky…. The recipient might even share a slice with you!

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